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Understand the visitors by their online behavior. All the action and movement are recorded by the website code system.


By understand your customers behavior, you may able to improve your business speedy such like increasing of sales, traffic and awareness. Let us know your goals and we will figure out and tell your story that will not only capture your customer's attention but also engage them to be loyalty on your brand. 

Website Expert Marketing

Website Analytic

Improve from the weak-point

No whether what industry, owner must be kept up to date regarding the changes in the business environment, including the market flow, trend or the new competitors entering.

Website analysis report help you to allocate the company's marketing resources and take the opportunity to lead to trend and boost the margin and structure faster than others. 

Website Expert Marketing

SEO Friendly

Rule the kingdom of search

SEO Optimized content promotes the visibility of your website. Having the best without visibility is like driving a lamborghini in a box.

We consider all aspects when optimizing your content from unique content, properly structured sentences, internal linking structure, web appearance & images to the amount of keywords used. Rest assured your website will have good search engine ranking, with increased page traffic!

Target Audience Focused

Conversion is Queen

To ensure that every content is targeted towards your customers, we conduct an in-depth research towards your industry. This includes competitor analysis, SWOT and other business tools to determine the type of content that produces the highest impact.

We emphasize on using well thought out sentences and persuasive structured writing to draw in readers. Together with intelligent positioning of call to actions, they form as a team to boost conversions!

Website Expert Marketing

Multi Content Writing

Breaking the language barrier

While English is one of the main spoken language in Malaysia. Bahasa is largest used language throughout our nation followed by Mandarin. We understand that some companies are reaching out to customers nationwide where English may not be their main language.

CROWD MEDIA provides both multilingual writing and translation of content. Let us help you to develop a website in Bahasa or Mandarin, so that no matter who your customers are they can definitely read you.

Website Expert Marketing

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